Satori Process

2-8 October 2016: the First Satori Group in Holland

A Self-Inquiry Retreat guided by Clare Soloway

The name Satori is Japanese and means a “direct experience of truth”. This 6-day intensive retreat is based around fundamental life questions, the most basic and enduring one for all of us being “Who am I”?
A Satori is a moment of profound realisation, a knowing of life as it is. The process involves working in pairs with each member of the group, answering fundamental life questions: “Who am I?” “What is life?” very much as one would focus on a Zen koan or question. Although you will be working in dyads during the communication exercises this process is very much about being in silence and by yourself outside of the sessions.
While the focus of the Satori process is to allow a peak experience, exploring who you are will involve looking at the many ways your conditioning has affected you and continues to affect your relationships, from birth, through childhood and into the decisions you have made as adults – and how identified you are with this conditioning which was imposed upon the essential being you are.
You will begin to liberate from the patterns your upbringing has imposed on you, very often unconsciously, and to connect with the presence in your life of a greater and more self-nurturing understanding of who you really are. From that time on you know, from your own experience, who you are. Life is never quite the same again after a Satori experience.