Seeds of Yoga Holiday Retreat


Astanga Yoga Retreat at In Sabina, near Rome

14 - 21 May 2015

The Path of Astanga Yoga

Join Claudia Pradella in Italy, for a beautiful week retreat to restore harmony in the mind and to dive deeper into the Path of Astanga Yoga. This retreat will offer you a very effective yoga experience, which combined with the natural beauty of this region and the delicious local food, it will help you understanding yourself and your yoga practice better, facilitating positive changes in your life.

Simple and delicious natural food, guided breathwork and meditation, together with powerful yoga practices (astanga and yin) will truly recharge your energy and help you moving to a deeper level of practice.

The retreat will be hosted at In Sabina, a beautiful centre situated in the Italian countryside less than one hour away from Rome. It offers spectacular views and magical settings, a natural spring, gardens, pond and a swimming pool - an ideal place for a recharging week of yoga and rest!

This retreat is suitable for students who are already familiar with the Astanga Yoga practice. Whatever the current level of your practice, this week will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the yoga process, which combined with a supportive vegetarian diet and the natural surroundings, will significantly improve your vitality and will guide your further on your yoga path.