About Seeds of Yoga

Indians believe that we are born with a unique “seeds potential”. Some of genetic origin, some defined by the position of the stars and planets at our time of birth, some planted by our caretakers in very early age. Some seeds will grow fully to form our dominant traits. Some seeds will remain dormant within our self forever - or until something happens that will wake them up and trigger their growth.

If you’ve made it to this page, most likely the Seeds of Yoga have already been awaken in you, whatever was the trigger - something you read about yoga, your best friend taking yoga classes, your doctor recommending yoga to you. Or whatever else got you into this thought of trying what is yoga about.

But that might be not enough for the seeds to reach full growth and express their potentials. As any seeds in life, a good home and regular nourishment will be needed for their next step: fertile soil, water, sunlight and care will make the seeds grow and blossom into their own unique expression.

And this is in a nutshell what Seeds of Yoga is all about - providing your seeds of yoga with the fertile soil, the food, the sunlight and the care they need to grow and blossom. In other words, beautiful surroundings, awesome teachers, unique events around the world, to nourish the seeds of inspiration, rejuvenation, transformation. Welcome to Seeds of Yoga.

Yoga Away

How did it all happened? My doctor told me one day “you should do yoga”. So I did. I was recommended a very traditional yoga teacher, generous enough to come to my house once a week to teach me yoga privately. He really worked with the specifics of my body, with what I needed at that particular moment in my life, and introduced me to the idea of a ‘personal practice’. Several months passed before I actually took on ‘practicing yoga’. It felt good to do yoga with the teacher every week, being told what to do, how to move, how to breath. Yet that wasn’t somehow enough to keep me going by myself in between sessions. I started to join yoga classes at the local gym, I bought my own yoga mat and my first yoga book. But what eventually made the difference was that about a year later I went traveling. My teacher gave me a tailor-made yoga routine on a A4 sheet, a one-hour practice to take with me and my yoga mat around the world, so that I could continue the practice of yoga anywhere and without any further help.

And my yoga journey started, exploring my body and my mind through my practice, in beautiful tropical islands, surrounded by pristine nature, inspired by the spiritual way of living of asian people and their rich cultures. Journeying out there somehow brought me deeper inwardly and established an important connection in my life - yoga and traveling.

Eventually I ended up combining my travel destinations with places where I could find a good yoga teacher. I could study with the teacher for some time, discover the beauty of the people, nature and traditions in the area, and come back home with a full load of inspiration and new yoga insights.

And every time I discovered a place where I felt particularly inspired by the beauty of the people, nature and local traditions, I could not stop myself from thinking “what a perfect place for a yoga retreat!”

And every time I studied with a great teacher, I could not stop myself from thinking “what an extraordinary experience! I would like to have more of this at home!”

Those places and teachers really touched something special in me. I trust they’ll be a great source of inspiration and transformation for you too.